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Red Hat

Opendev Pro was born to render the services related to software development exclusively to Red Hat, its client/partner.

Since then, we have worked with all Middleware technologies with the aim of providing solutions in line with the needs of each client.

This type of architecture has certain benefits, which include:

Scalable architecture based on standards.

Architecture directed to containers. This allows for growth based on demand.

Architecture directed to micro-services. This allows for greater reutilization and integration with external systems, whether they are web or mobile apps, among others.

Architecture based on components which are approved, certified and authorized by Red Hat.

Code outsourced business logic. This allows for an easy and rapid change from business to system. Software based on Open Source technologies.

DevOps implementation.

Infrastructure as code/Automation.

Continuous delivery.

Cloud, hybrid or Cloud On Premise Technology.

Tools for Developers

Apps and business processes

Middleware and apps services


Platforms in containers

Automation and Management

Infrastructure software

Physical hardware in cloud infrastructure


Red Hat products are distributed under subscription by stages, which grants you access to all the advantages of subscription throughout its effective period.

Free from license fees, it reduces TCO, significantly improves ROI and reduces Time to Market.

Unlimited number of support incidents.

No update additional costs

What will I receive if I opt to subscribe?

Red Hat product security team is recognized as the industry leader, since it has provided its clients with corrections for over 98% of critical vulnerabilities within 24 hours as from their detection. In comparison, companies which lack Red Hat support must wait until the Linux community publishes the correction and face a six-week or longer delay relating to the validation and publication process once Red Hat has delivered the source code.

Certifications: only Red Hat can provide updates and patches and maintain RHEL certifications: over 3,000 hardware and software certifications, recommended by a large group of manufacturers, multiple security certifications (such as Common Criteria EAL4 +, PCI-DSS balance sheet items.) SAP requires Red Hat authentic support. Adding a binary code from a source other than Red Hat invalidates the certifications.

Updates: approximately, twice a year, with the corresponding error corrections, new basic functions and new hardware support free from additional costs.

Support: unlimited support by engineers certified in RED HAT, who will respond within an hour’s time. It is independent from the software version that the client is using for a specific product.

Intensive follow-up: immediate access to general corrections between updates.

Legal insurance: Open Source Assurance, the promise about RED HAT patents and its participation in the Open Invention Network.

Specific updates: most recent version of the damaged pack, with the specific corrections created for the client’s version.

Long-term stability: each version shall be entitled to technical support for up to 7 years in the case of JBoss product pack, and for up to 13 years in the case of RED HAT Enterprise Linux.

Worldwide documentation: experts’ videos, technical reports, knowledge bases, recommended practices and reference architectures, among others.



Red Hat

Hugo Melendez - Project Manager

OpenDev provides us with a group of professionals who are committed, expeditious and experienced, and who have human values. The team properly faces the several obstacles it is presented with throughout the project. I am very satisfied with the services I am provided.


Diego Carreto - CTO

Nuestra experiencia fue destacable dado que cuentan con un equipo profesional, estable y sin rotación. Nos ayudaron a progresar y cumplieron exitosamente su labor en nuestros proyectos de integración.


Juan Martín Bretaña - Project Manager

With Opendev Pro, we make a very good development team, helping both companies to grow and professionalize our products. We are really satisfied with the services we are provided.


Fernando Paci - Project Manager

OpenDev personnel show great readiness and are excellent human beings, which look for the solution that best suits our needs with ultimate responsibility and professionalism. Together, we form a team.