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BPM Task Manager

BPM Task Manager

Business Process Management

BPM Task Manager is the best product to direct your company to business processes. This software is based on the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) rule, which stipulates that the processes related to any kind of industry can be created.

What are the benefits of the BPM Task

It is a product based on Open Source technologies
(free from any licenses).

It is a generic software that can be adapted for any industry.

It is custom-designed.

How is it implemented?

Specialists in business processes examine the functioning of the business and they regularize it in BPMN.
The business process is graphically expressed on the tool.
The process screens/tasks are developed. Each business process is made up of 1 to N tasks. Each task is directly related to a screen on the tray to be processed.



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Hugo Melendez - Project Manager

OpenDev provides us with a group of professionals who are committed, expeditious and experienced, and who have human values. The team properly faces the several obstacles it is presented with throughout the project. I am very satisfied with the services I am provided.


Diego Carreto - CTO

Nuestra experiencia fue destacable dado que cuentan con un equipo profesional, estable y sin rotación. Nos ayudaron a progresar y cumplieron exitosamente su labor en nuestros proyectos de integración.


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With Opendev Pro, we make a very good development team, helping both companies to grow and professionalize our products. We are really satisfied with the services we are provided.


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OpenDev personnel show great readiness and are excellent human beings, which look for the solution that best suits our needs with ultimate responsibility and professionalism. Together, we form a team.