Useful tips to consider when choosing a software partner

This time we bring you useful tips to consider when choosing a software partner

At the moment of implementing software for a company’s management, a correct selection of a partner is crucial. It is very common for companies to reach out to thirds when they require help to achieve their goals. Associating another company that can fill their needs is a viable, very logical way because, as a project is ongoing, they focus in the current needs of their clients. There are companies that face critical issues when they have selected the wrong software partner. If both companies are not focused in the key components of the project, it is likely that frustration and dissapointment will come.

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to establishing a relationship with a software partner, so it should not be only considered good for cutting expenses. Now, we will present you a list of items to take into account for a good, correct election or also as qualities a good software partner should have. They are:

1. Progress: While your business evolves along with the industry, software can evolve with you too. A good partner knows that technology changes often, so they should work with the latest in applied sciences. An optimal partner will work with you all the way to ensure that the given software will help your company strive.

2. Efficacy: Improve efficacy when counting with an associate that specializes in custom software development. The software partner ensures every step is completed with maximum care and delivered with quality.

3. Focusing on tailor-made software development: a software associate will provide you with customised development, consisting of the acuity of all the fine details within the product and will deliver a software that takes notice of the requirements and objectives the client has highlighted.

4. Agile methodologies: The workteam must work with Agile methodology. It must be a team that can structure the project in multiple stages, and these must print out solid results that are apt to be implemented shortly after (weeks).

5. Teamwork: As we mentioned before, workteams must work with Agile methodology, meaning they must be multidisciplinary teams that can work together throughout the whole process. This way, the product will have an excelent quality and will satisfy the customer’s needs thanks to faster, earlier deliveries.

6. Experience: A custom software development company is an expert at what they do, but that experience goes beyond the skills they may have in the popular programming languages. A software partner will give you assessment during the course of your project, but they must count with industrial experience, of application, members of the team must count with experience and must be a mature company.

7. Support: Your software partner will give you the support you require to fully take advantage of your product. They focus on being a partner with developers dedicated to improving products. You must look for a specialized software partner that can help you feel safe to carry on with your project.

8. Save money: Your budget is a crucial consideration for companies that start a software development project. Finding a partner that can help you make the most of your budget is very important. Instead of using resources to hire and incorporate a developers team with the skills, knowledge and culture required, you can find a team that will be ready to begin immediately.

9. Tranquility: Not sure if the road you’re choosing is the right one? Your software partner protects you. With the experience, talent and clairvoyance in project management, the right partner has the capability of turning requirements in a product that will fascinate its users.

Looking for a true software partner? At OpenDev Pro we have everything needed to be a good partner, we work with the latest technology in Open Source, our multidisciplinary workteams have Agile methodology, our goals being that clients can achieve their business goals, providing them with innovative services and solutions.

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