The strategic ally to companies developing software products

Our latest blog is about how OpenDev Pro has turned to be the strategic ally to companies developing software products

The current digital transformation has led companies to work with new tools to improve the velocity in their daily jobs, in order to put their names in the market and place them at the same level as other competitors with excellent software products.

Of course, the transformation or integration presents some minor but significant obstacles, that make very difficult the effectiveness of the process.

Did you know that….

31% of companies don’t work with flexible methodologies, making impossible a clear organization?

48% of software development teams in companies don’t have the technological know how? They have a clear understanding of the need and the objective but not how to turn into codes.

21% of current companies don’t have the exact qualified resource and can not find them on the local market. So they hire more, but not merrier.

These mentioned issues are a negative combination that consumes time, resources and of course it costs money. These actual facts have everything to do with the final product. With the length of the project and with the money invested.

At ODP we understand the advantages and needs for every company , as they are all different. That is why we focused entirely, in each one of our clients as one. We help them achieve their business goals and we get this by working as a team with innovative services and easy to get solucions.

OpenDev Pro services are Staff Augmentation, our ISO HHRR qualified team, with IT technical background, offers the exact resources you need. The time between the acceptance and the presentation of the candidates is really short.

We also have the Squad Team, focused in OpenSource technologies, multidisciplinary, Agile, that usually starts from zero developing the MVP based in Pareto Analysis.

Talk to us, before you further, and take some of our advice into consideration. We provide free assessment and you can set a call easy, just click the calendar and book a date!

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