Working with Agile Methodologies is a competitive advantage that everyone is taking advantage of and Here we share the types of Agile Methodologies and which is the best for your project.

When starting a new project, planning and management are the pillars to determine the successful development of a final product.

Agile methodologies are the procedure for project management, for  being more flexible and efficient than traditional methodologies.

The 3 types of methodologies most used are:

eXtreme Programming: It is designed for projects with yet to be defined requirements, prioritizing customer – team feedback.

It consists of the following procedure:

  1. Exploration: Understanding the customer’s need
  2. Delivery planning: Tasks are prioritized and the estimated effort for each is calculated.
  3. Iterations: Development of the project in conjunction with the client.
  4. Production: Testing and review of the solution.
  5. Project death: Project completion.

Scrum: It is impossible to define the entire project from the beginning. To organize the work in such a way that it is flexible and fast if changes arise.

Stages of Scrum:

  1. Identify the requirements to be addressed in the project (product backlog)
  2. Divide the project into tasks with deadlines that generally go from 2 to 4 weeks (sprints) defining your objectives
  3. Develop sprints with regular team meetings (scrum meetings)
  4. Review and evaluation
  5. Results delivery

KanBan:  Improves the performance and efficiency of the work team, controls the production process all the time. This control is visual, through a board of pending tasks, in process and completed.

KanBan has the following procedure:

  1. Define the objective and the tasks of the project to be carried out.
  2. Organize tasks by assignment, urgency, task types.
  3. Create the board.
  4. Define the tasks to be dealt with, determining a limit of tasks to be dealt with.
  5. Monitor the progress of each task until its completion

And why choose agile methodologies?

Because agile methodologies are flexible and you can perform changes in the production process, improve product quality, reduce planning times and increase team efficiency. 

This is very useful to quickly and effectively adapt to the needs of the market while maintaining or increasing the quality of the product.

What methodology is best for my project?

It always depends on the type of the project, requirements, delivery time, the size of the team and their experience in using Agile Methodologies.

For example, Scrum is a more complex methodology than KanBan. If your team is not used to Scrum, it is best to go for KanBan, which is easier to execute. 

If the requirements are not clear and you do not want to lose product quality, you can use eXtreme Programming.

You can also choose to use several methodologies at the same time, complementing their benefits so that they adapt to the requirements of the projects.

At OpenDev Pro we take full advantage of Scrum for software development.

Our objective with this methodology is to reduce time to market, eliminate unnecessary work, ensure efficiency in planning and improve the team experience; delivering a final product adapted to all the requirements that our client has.

Coordinate a free assessment with our specialists to learn more about OpenDev Pro services.

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