High demand for IT specialists and the constant innovation of technologies make finding the ideal professional a complex task, so we share 3 good practices to recruit the ideal IT professional.

Technologies are changing almost daily, the skills necessary to master them are also updated and that may be the main reason for the difficulty of finding IT professionals.

When looking for a specific technology profile, your struggling will depend on how new the technology is, the amount of technologies required as a positive plus for the position and the level of experience required. 

Yes! this might be a tough task, but  not impossible. The following points could help you in your recruitment process:

Recognize the position the client  need.

The starting point here is the understanding of so many  variants for the name of a position, each company and each candidate assigns in different ways, so having technical knowledge, knowing the scope of the different technologies and what exactly is needed from the profile, are the bases to start looking for the ideal professional.

Understand what the professional expects from this opportunity

It professionals have no biggest issue when it comes to finding a job, so to attract them you must offer really good benefits that completes what they are looking for.  For example: work by interesting projects, remote,, good work environment, good salary, interesting rewards, professional scaling  career, are some of the aspects they value the most when choosing a company.


It is very useful to have a referral program, recommending someone you trust is more effective and shortens processes.  Of course, for this to happen it is important to take care of the work environment and the image of the company. If the employee in the first instance is not satisfied with the company, he will not think of referring to anyone.

These are for us, the 3 most important practices to find the IT professional you need. That said, you must also consider some  tools, an active and effective solution. Another choice is to have a company that is exclusively dedicated to the recruitment of IT professionals with the know-how of many technologies.

At OpenDev Pro, we have rigorous personnel selection processes certified by ISO. This allowed us to have a network of highly qualified professionals  available to our clients for projects starting from scratch or in the middle process of developing a software product.

Coordinate a free assessment with our specialists to know more about our services.

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