Squads for optimization of your projects

In the following article we will tell you how squad teams have helped companies in optimizing of your projects

In times where IT requirements innovate constantly, ensuring solutions to new challenges is essential to meet delivery deadlines and maintain the quality of the final product.

 And how is the response to a new challenge ensured? The first thing is to have professionals trained for the project, the second, and as important as the first, is the correct coordination and organization of the team.

This is the right formula to give a quick answer while maintaining the state-of-the-art standards of software development.

The problem arises when one of these conditions is not met, the failures in the final product are reflected in the delivery time and its deficiency.

This is where a Squad comes into play, a multidisciplinary team with the necessary solution and self-management capacity to respond to specific requirements.

What is special about a Squad? It is incorporated into the work team of the company in such a way that it assists, trains and incorporates efficient work methodologies for the development of the project.

How does a squad work?

The squad’s mission is to adapt the IT team to the project, by training, helping and organizing the staff. During its development, previews of progress are presented, allowing personalized monitoring. Why a squad?

One of our differentiators is how easily we adapt to demands quickly, ensuring quality products while optimizing the skills of the staff.

You will cut costs in the increased productivity and savings involved in hiring and training staff independently.

 Achieving objectives by implementing a Squad is a valuable experience for workers, they adapt to the demands of the company and acquire skills that they can use in the future.

Your company will get more products in less time and is capable of meeting specific needs, on specific occasions.

OpenDev Pro provides integral solutions for those clients who need to develop a system iteratively without the need to invest in resources and knowledge with multidisciplinary Squads based on Agile methodologies.

Our clients begin to be part of the cells of work, participating in all agile ceremonies, being part of the business definitions and system construction iteratively, progressive and effective.

This is how we minimize the time to market by making value deliveries much more effective.

If you want to know about  OpenDev Pro Squad service for your project with Agile methodology, you can schedule a call with our professional advisors.

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