Benefits of Staff Augmentation

We share the benefits of Staff Augmentation that will allow you to have and maintain a highly qualified Software Development team in your company.

Technological changes have shown that if a company wants to stay on top or with an adequate competitive level,  it must have IT resources that allow it to adapt and interpret the technological needs crucial to achieve its objective. However, many companies or organizations in the face of new scenarios, cannot respond because they don’t have professionals with a variety of skills and knowledge to reply effectively.

Faced with this impediment, companies have chosen to hire Staff Augmentation services that allow them to adapt to market needs in a faster, cheaper and more flexible way.

But… What is Staff Augmentation?

 Staff Augmentation is a service Open Dev Pro offers as the solution of a specific project. We deliver this service for projects of eventual and temporal durations, providing a team of highly qualified professionals to meet with our customer’s requirements.

For example, if you wish to create a mobile application for your company and your IT team is busy with other projects or does not directly handle the necessary skills for mobile development, OpenDev will provide a team of professionals including developers, qa, ux / ui, architect, BA, etc.

 What are the advantages?

Here are 4 advantages of hiring OpenDevPro Staff Augmentation services.

  • A flexible and adaptable solution to constant business requirements

When a company needs solutions to problems where its assets are not enough, starting a staff training or recruiting and hiring process implies having resources that could be better used for the business. On the other hand, it allows a quick response by having an experienced and trained team in limited time frames. 

  • Avoid legal risks

Linking new professionals to the company initiates legal processes generating risks to the company, especially when it comes to a temporary hiring. The staff augmentation service implies delegating the personnel management process, meaning the company will not have to deal with bureaucratic processes.

  • Improvement of the quality of the final product

Having constant control and monitoring of the project has the benefit of adapting it to new requirements that arise. Due to the speed of obtaining trained professionals, an effective solution can be guaranteed in a short time, without sacrificing quality.

  •   Savings of economic resources

Investing in the recruitment process even without knowing for sure that the hired staff is the ideal one, are unnecessary expenses that are solved with this service. Companies pay to implement experienced and trained personnel, leaving financial resources available.

Having a Staff Augmentation service is having a team that can meet market requirements effectively, quickly and eventually. For companies, this means an increase in productivity and competitiveness, since they have more time to dedicate to the business and more efficient and quality production capacity.

Open Dev has become the ally of many companies providing this service which has a highly prepared team, with periodic follow-ups and guarantees in case of the expectations not being met. If you want to know how to optimize the development of your company, increase the quality of your projects and save costs, you can schedule a brief call with our team.