My name is Nadia González, I am currently HR Manager at OpenDev Pro. 

+10 years ago, we started using Agile Methodologies in projects and in the day-to-day activities of the different areas, something that helped us to quickly adapt to 100% remote work.

Before the pandemia, we worked in our offices with the chance of home office once or twice a week, always depending on the requirements of our clients, the projects, etc. 

When we realised about COVID in the world, we were still working at the office, but taking the necessary preventive measures, until we decided to work remotely a week before the mandatory quarantine.

In terms of team dynamics, in Agile Methodologies we handled meetings on a daily basis, and now we continue to do so through the use of different tools. 

The office work  always was super active and complemented by the good relationship between all of us every day.

Today, we are so lucky because we can say that this continues despite not sharing the physical space.

The tools that we have been using but  are now supporters in our day to day are Hangouts, Meet, Slack and JIRA. Meetings can be managed very well through all of them and aso Slack, our star platform for internal communication and with some of our clients, through private and public channels.

On the other hand, the development team has Jira, where they prioritizes, estimate and order their day to day tasks.

We are in constant communication  and that gives us the certainty  that, if we have any problems or doubts regarding any task, we can count on the team.

In this time of quarantine, our work continues its path without problems and we even continue to add new talents to the great team that we are. We are getting to know each other from another side and discovering that we can give a lot of ourselves and accompany the best.

We try to stay close and connect virtually. It seems key to us to keep communication and dialogue open. Every month we do and will continue to hold an organizational meeting to share news of the business, of the teams, to talk about the impact, but above all (although there is almost constant feedback) to hear how the team is doing.

Today our focus is and will continue to be ensuring the quality of the services and the support of our team.